Sal Montezinos

I am an award-winning gourmet chef that has just written a book, “Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine…One Chef’s Journey”. I also happen to be 73 years of age and never healthier.

I was born in Amsterdam, Holland; my parents were killed in the Dachau concentration camp when I was 4, and I was hidden on a farm outside Amsterdam for the remainder of WW2.

The good memories of that time on the farm all had to do with fresh fruits and vegetables. When the war ended, I was sent to live in an orphanage till age 17.

I then began travelling the world studying culinary arts, ending with my dream of coming to America to open a restaurant of my own.

I have over 50 years experience in the fine dining restaurant industry, and have owned four successful gourmet restaurants, among them the much heralded Déjà vu in Philadelphia. My restaurants won multiple awards and garnered great reviews from the country’s most esteemed culinary press. During the last years I have changed my outlook on food, began studying and employing a raw vegan lifestyle and moved on to teaching classes in that regimen. That is reflected in my book, which is designed around raw vegan alkaline food. My recipes are made from fresh organic vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds—no flour, sugar or animal products, i.e. meat and dairy. Exercise is very important to me, as is enjoying a healthy mindset. In an average day, I either run 5 miles or ride my racing bike for 15 miles, followed by 60 laps in the pool. I also practice yoga daily and end up at the gym in the late afternoon to do weight training. I try to play tennis at least once a week. I am fit, healthy and have a good mental outlook on life.