Puma St. Angel

uma St. Angel has passionately devoted her life to educating, inspiring and coaching individuals to achieve optimal health through live food nutrition, detoxification cleanses, nutritional testing and colon hydrotherapy.

Puma’s wide range of training combined with a loving personal approach has offered proven results for her clients for over 11 years.

She has an extensive understanding of the healing benefits of raw vegan foods and super foods with over 10 years of personal experience.

Working as a certified Colon Hydrotherapist in Tucson, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center and Eden Hot Springs, Puma has helped thousands of people through the physical and emotional detoxing and cleansing process. Y

ears of working with Naturopathic Physicians and researching quantum state nutrition has led Puma to become a Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) Practitioner.

Through QRA testing, Puma will utilize this comprehensive clinical tool to identify exactly what supplements and cleansing programs each client needs in order to bring their body back into an Optimal State of Health. She also holds a degree in Spanish and Chemistry from the University of Arizona