Heal From Cancer Naturally!

….Without Painful Treatments or Poisonous Medications!

Dear Health Seeker,

Did you know that 1 in 2.5 Americans will get cancer in their lifetime? That’s according to the American Cancer Society. We all have a loved one, family member or friend stricken by cancer. No one escapes it’s reach.

As for me, my mom died of cancer when I was only three. I have been devastated by cancer’s impact my entire life. The truth is, little has changed since then. Cancer remains the #1 killer in America.

What’s more, hundreds of thousands are further sickened and even killed by the treatment itself. Toxic chemotherapy and harmful radiation are the traditional path prescribed. Cancer treatments should strengthen the body to fight cancer. These methods poison and weaken the body in an attempt to kill cancer cells.

Billions are spent on cancer research. Why have we not won the “war on cancer”?

Between you and me, most doctors seem resistant to change. Medical schools teach one form of treatment. Pharmaceutical companies reinforce that teaching with aggressive marketing of the latest drug. Studies are conducted only on the impact of conventional methods.

As a result, doctors rarely question if other approaches really exist. We trust our doctor’s recommendation because we want cancer out of our body right away. We aren’t given any alternatives. We have to either poison our body or die from the disease. But the studies show traditional methods JUST DON’T WORK!

This Revolutionary Home Program will Empower You to Help Heal Yourself and those you Love from cancer.

Have you ever stopped to think about the human body’s natural ability to heal? As children, we know when we scrape our knee or break a bone the body will quickly heal itself. A strong, powerful body, like that of a child, will heal itself. A body weakened by drugs and radiation loses that inborn gift.

The unspoken truth is that YES—YOU can heal from cancer. Your family member and beloved friends who are suffering from cancer can cure themselves, without chemicals, expensive drugs, and harmful rays. You owe it to yourself and your community around you to learn these secrets.

That’s why I have teamed up with Thomas Lodi, MD to give you the tools to naturally heal from cancer.

Once you have these skills, you can help everyone around you.

“My tumors have decreased significantly and my bone marrow is once again clean. I have also increased my knowledge of nutrition and plan to continue down this path for the rest of my life. I also have a plan to share my testimony and knowledge with as many as will listen. I thank God for Dr. Lodi and his staff and pray that you are encouraged by this and the other testimonies written from the hearts of the patients.
Kevin B./ Dunnellon, Florida
This Program Provides You and Your Loved Ones With The Caring Information To Restore Health So That You Can…

  • Have energy to do the things you love
  • Enjoy quality time with your friends and family without being in pain
  • Have peace of mind, knowing you have taken control of your life
  • See your children and grandchildren grown up and happy 20 years from now!

Imagine healing your body of cancer. You’ll be free to live life on your own terms.

Discover Your Life Without Cancer Naturally!

The Healing From Cancer Home Program can open up a whole new world of possibilities for you!

Thomas Lodi, MD and Oncologist has helped countless people heal themselves of cancer.

Through this exclusive home program, we will show you that your health is in your own hands.

Thomas Lodi, MD specializes in treating cancer through a comprehensive approach focused on restoring the vitality of the whole person for the production of new, optimally functioning cells.

Instead of fighting cancer for his patients, Dr. Lodi has developed a program to rebalance the body’s immune system and create healthy cells.

We are going to unveil everything you need to know to heal cancer, prevent cancer, reverse other diseases, and create a life of health and extreme longevity!

Remove the Mystery and Fear About Cancer and Disease!

This course will unveil the secrets to:
    • Targeting and eliminating cancer while causing the least amount of harm possible
    • Rebalancing and enhancing the immune system
    • Healing cancer with life’s energy
    • The best approach to cancer
    • How cancer happens
    • The truth about alternative cancer therapies
    • Comprehensive Cancer Care
    • Essential foundations of healing
    • The recipe for lifelong health and longevity
    • Preventing cancer and living a disease-free life

Society’s current perception of and treatment protocols for cancer are in need of grave change.

Natural laws, unlike human laws, are non-negotiable. Just as surely as the planting of an apple seed will not yield an orange tree; continued violations of the laws which govern our biology, will not yield a healthy outcome. Health is the optimal functioning of an organism.

Health is not, as it is commonly defined, the absence of disease. That would be like saying that “light” is the absence of “darkness”. Health is the consequence of healthy living!

Just as we don’t walk down the street and “catch” health; neither do we walk down the street and “catch” diseases. We earn either health or disease by how we live our lives. One person sneezes in a room with his mouth uncovered and only 3 of the 10 people in that room get sick. Why? With the exception of genetic conditions, which account for less than 3% of illnesses, all other conditions are earned.

What “runs” in families are eating habits and life styles. One hundred years ago, 0.5% of Americans got cancer. Almost 50% of Americans alive today will get cancer in their lifetimes. Where is the genetics in that?

Cancer is not a ‘thing’, an enemy, that has invaded our bodies but rather the body’s incredible effort to protect us.

The Healing from Cancer Home Program is a complete self-paced program that will help you discover the truth about raw foods, the optimal foods you should be eating, how to expand your spirituality, reverse disease, and feel incredible.

This is a comprehensive LIVE program, featuring replays of every course session if you cannot join us live. Dr. Lodi will show you the fundamentals of raw foods and how this lifestyle will improve every area of your life!

Healing From Cancer with Thomas Lodi, MD will include OVER 4 hours of LIVE teleseminars, downloadable mp3 audio lecture materials with module transcripts, PLUS…

  • A complete discussion of the science and spirituality of Healthy Foods
  • Digital download Course Syllabus for easy browsing.
  • A Recipe For Lifelong Wellness
  • How to Reverse the Aging Process and Increase Longevity
  • Everything You Need To Know About Thriving on a Raw Food Diet
  • The Importance of Juicing and Blending
  • How to Set Up a Healing Program for Yourself or Those You Love
  • Special Bonus Sessions to Propel Your Health to a New Level
  • And much more!

Here’s what the course will cover:

Module One: Removing the Mystery and Fear About Cancer and Disease

  • What is Cancer?
  • How do I Prevent Cancer?
  • Can I or a Loved One Heal from Cancer Naturally without Drugs?
  • What is the Most Successful Diet for Fighting Cancer?
  • What Lifestyle Choices will Overcome Cancer?
  • Why Are Alternative Cancer-Fighting Programs Outlawed?

Module Two: The Science of Food and Diet

  • What is Real Food for the Body as Opposed to Poison?
  • What is the Science of Raw Foods?
  • Why Do Some Healthy Eaters Get Cancer?
  • How Does Our Body use Food?
  • What are the Ideal Foods to Eat to Fight and Prevent Cancer?
  • Should Cancer Patients Avoid Fruit?

Module Three: The Spirituality of Healing

  • How Do our Emotions, Attitude, and Relationships Affect Healing?
  • What is our Connection to Nature and Spirit?
  • What is the Importance of Prayer and Meditation?
  • How Do I become More Spiritual?
  • What Role does Religion and Spirituality Play in Healing and Reversing Disease?

Module Four: A Recipe For Life

  • What are the Ideal Lifestyle Choices to Reverse Cancer and Disease?
  • What are the Best Modalities for Fighting Cancer?
  • Should We or Loved Ones Ever Use Chemotherapy or Radiation?
  • How Can We Share This Information With Loved Ones so They Avoid Toxic Treatments?
  • What is the Efficacy of Healing Cancer Naturally When Compared to Conventional Methods?
  • If We Can’t Afford a Cancer Clinic, What Are The Best Ways To Heal Naturally On Our Own?

You’ll have access to a SPECIAL BONUS Question and Answer webinar where Dr. Lodi answered the top questions from our students.

Program also Includes these Free Bonus Gifts…


Dr. Lodi’s treatment has helped thousands of people with cancer stop making cancer cells in their bodies and return to optimal health.

“Dr. Lodi’s way is to bring the patient back to the magic of healing found in nature, found in our own immune system which God has given to each and every one of us. Dr. Lodi is my doctor, my teacher, yet more than anything else he is like family, with all his patients he is their friend. Like a true friend, Dr. Lodi will show you the way to earn true health.”
P.M./ Mesa, Arizona

Federal Law requires that we warn you of the following:
Natural methods can sometimes backfire (as can “conventional” methods). If you are pregnant, consult your physician before using any natural remedy. Any opinions put forth by this program, its doctors, staff, and contributors are simply their opinions. It is up to you to educate yourself and discuss treatment modalities with your health care practitioners. By accepting Raw Edge Productions and Dr. Thomas Lodi’s advice, you are agreeing to be fully responsible for your own health and to hold Raw Edge Productions and Dr. Thomas Lodi free from liability.


I wish the doctors had known this natural way to heal cancer before I lost my mom!
I look forward to connecting with you during this program, the most important natural healing program ever developed.


This course is completely green and eco-friendly.

All course materials will be delivered via live over Webinar, Telephone and/ or Skype
Replays will be delivered via mp3 downloads

Course readings will be delivered via pdf Files.


The Healing From Cancer Home Program

About Thomas Lodi, MD:

Thomas Lodi, MD, a master’s level clinical psychologist, received his medical degree in 1985 from the University of Hawaii. He completed his internship and residency in internal medicine at Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons and worked for ten years as an internist, urgent care physician, and intensivist (ICU/CCU). After several years of additional training in alternative modalities, he narrowed his focus to integrative oncology. He is a member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), a certified Diplomat in Anti-Aging Medicine under the auspices of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), a Fellow in Integrative Oncology and an instructor in Insulin Potentiation Therapy. He is certified in and has been practicing both oxidative and chelation therapies for almost two decades. In the state of Arizona, he is licensed as a Homeopathic Medical Doctor by the Arizona Holistic and Integrative Medical Board while in New York he is licensed as an allopathic physician and surgeon by the State of New York, Board of Medical Examiners. As Founder and Chief Physician at An Oasis of Healing, in Mesa, AZ, the foundation of the program he has instituted relies upon restoring the integrity of the immune system and organ function through detoxification and proper nutrition while utilizing a scientifically based integrative approach to targeting cancer which minimizes any harm to the patient.

Arizona based Oncologist, Thomas Lodi, MD, specializes in treating cancer through a comprehensive approach focused on restoring the vitality of the whole person for the production of new, optimally functioning cells. Instead of fighting cancer for his patients, Dr. Lodi has developed a program to rebalance the body’s immune system and create healthy cells.

“Whether one desires to prevent, treat or handle competently the side effects of conventional cancer care, nature’s requirements for healing must be met,” explains Dr. Lodi, MD. “Diagnosing and addressing the underlying cause of a body having cancer (and restoring the balance of that body), is vital to eliminating cancer,” says Dr. Lodi.

Dr. Thomas Lodi’s oncology treatment center, The Oasis of Healing, is located in Mesa, Arizona. Learn more about The Oasis of Healing here

About Steve Prussack:

Steven Prussack is the editor of VegWorld Magazine,  host of Raw Vegan Radio and CEO of Raw Edge Productions. He produced the world’s largest raw food online World Summit, Rawpalooza with great success. He is the author of the book, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Juice Fasting” with Penguin Books. He is also the author of the book “Raw Advice” and has written for various green-living publications such as “Green Child”.

Steve recently launched “The School of Juicing” with Jay (The Father of Juicing) Kordich and his wife Linda. Steve is currently producing “Veganpalooza: 2012 Vegetarian World Summit” with Dr. Will Tuttle, July, 2012. In addition, Steve is producing “Successpalooza: Prosperity Entrepreneur’s Summit”, October, 2012.

Steve produced a food-related event for The Shift Network, “The Conscious Food Summit” and produced “The World Peace Diet Mastery and Facilitator Training Programs” with Dr. Will Tuttle (author of The World Peace Diet). (

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