Shazzie is a TV presenter, author and CEO. She’s a director of three companies, a single mum and a Visionary In Paradise. Shazzie’s TV show is called Raw Kitchen and is broadcast on Sky 281, The Active Channel. It’s Europe’s biggest health and fitness channel. Her show is also broadcast worldwide via The Active Channel’s web site. Shazzie is the author of five books: Shazzie’s Detox Delights, Detox Your World, Naked Chocolate (co-authored with David Wolfe), Evie’s Kitchen and Ecstatic Beings (co-authored with Kate Magic). Shazzie works a maximum of ten hours a week, using the rest of her time to play, laugh, love and be. She lives the life of her dreams in her own beautiful cedar home, nestled in a countryside community of around twenty other houses on twenty-three acres of shared land in East Sussex, UK. She even manifested spring water coming out of all her taps! She raised her daughter, Evie, on a raw vegan plus breastmilk diet to the age of four. Evie, who was born in 2004, is unvaccinated and a “free range child”.